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Pediatric vaccines, useful or harmful?


Take a look at the damage that can potentially cause pediatric vaccines.

Rules for store vaccines

The first important problem of vaccines regards their mode of preservation, on which the Italian Emilia-Romagna region, in the famous resolution no. 256 of 03.13.2009, has amply highlighted the importance “to have on the site of vaccination the necessary equipment to ensure the maintenance of the cold chain and reveal a possible interruption.” Consider that the vaccines are initially shipped from the manufacturer to Local Health Unit, stored in the LHU warehouse, and then shipped to the vaccination sites. Along this path, the cold chain must not be interrupted. I question arises: how they notice the interruption? Is not the case to specify better with regional law (or national law), imposing them and not letting the good will of LHU, what are the types of instruments to be adopted to detect the interruption? And a law to rule the standard procedures, at least at regional level? Who tells us that the interruption has been detected and that, consequently, vaccines have been thrown? By the way, what are the means of disposal provided, given that pursuant to Presidential Decree 15 July 2003 no. 254 are considered hazardous and infectious waste? I'd like to know where they are going to finish the countless doses of H1N1 vaccine not used in past years.

Vaccines have a deadline that must be monitored. Vaccines must be stored in the refrigerator according to a precise procedure: should not be positioned in branches but in the central part of the refrigerator, not bunched up. Cold rooms must be of adequate capacity, taking into account that each cell should not be filled to more than half of its capacity. Should also left gaps between the boxes and between them and the walls, etc..

Just from a mathematical point of view, we can say that the variables involved for the proper storage of vaccines are so many. If we add that the professionalism of our health care system is not always at the top, I shudder to think that there isn’t still a standard system (procedures + equipment + controls) replicated in all vaccination sites. The above mentioned Regional resolution indicates that the instruments for detect the temperature must be applied to refrigerators. Perhaps it would be better to apply it on the packaging vaccines, so that it always follow the vaccine during its entire life cycle, transport and storage, since the vital importance of the issue. It is already done with the bottles of wine: some wine producers apply on the bottles a detector temperatures that track the minimum and maximum temperatures at which the bottle is subjected during transport or storage, visible to end consumer, in order to ensure him to purchase a product not altered by a bad preservation. If you do it for the wine, do not see why this cannot be done for vaccines.

But let's pretend that from this point of view is gone (and will always go) well, and begin to analyze the potential vaccines damage.

The latest judgments on Vaccine Injury in Italy

Let's start, chronologically speaking, from the bottom.

The Court of Appeal of Turin in July 2012 has allowed a compensation of € 1.8 million to a 29 years old girl in a vegetative state for 24 years after diphtheria/tetanus vaccination made in 1988, with the aggravating circumstance of a recognized medical error for non-administration of cortisone to the first manifestations of the crisis that followed the vaccination.

The Court of Rimini with ruling no. 2010\148, Position No. 2010\0474, Chron. N ° 2012\886 condemned the Ministry of Health to compensate the family of the small V.B., recognizing a causal link between the trivalent vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) which was submitted in 2004 and autism occurred after. Causation: the court did not replace doctors and medical research, so it is useless to most parties try to discredit the ruling on the grounds that the court did not have jurisdiction in the matter, because he is restricted, as the parents of the child, to find that before vaccination was fine and then became autistic, stop. The child would begin to show worrisome symptoms (diarrhea and nervousness) on the day of vaccination, while between 2004 and 2005 would have appeared signs of severe psycho-physical to the recognition, August 31 2007, of total and permanent disability to 100%. Whether this was due to vaccination practiced, the specialist Niglio already stated in June 2008, and the confirm it came a year later by the specialist Montanari. That this condition was due “with reasonable scientific probability” to the administration of the MMR vaccine took place at the local health of Riccione, was then the evaluation of the proper auxiliary forensic, that for judges must be upheld.

These are just a few examples, you can find others judgments like this. But what we cannot know from the Ministry of Health is how many and what are the reported cases of adverse reactions and vaccine damage. You should bear in mind a very important question: now that thanks to medical organizations and individuals (for example parents) outside the national health system (which unfortunately continues to be reticent and not to answer questions of any kind on the concerns related to vaccines) begins to inform citizens, and now that the media take up those cases, complaints are growing. But it is very likely that the real cases of vaccine damage are much higher than any estimate or official data that the Ministry would one day make us the courtesy to communicate.

And besides, ignorance is the enemy of truth and democracy. Find out! Do not be afraid to learn and try to understand, spending all the time you need in order to better protect the health of your children! That no matter how much you may be thinking, the time spent will still be zero when compared to a whole life, that your child has in front of him.

What is in vaccines

There is mercury in vaccines, in the preservative component named thimerosal. It is included in vaccines against tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and influence. It is included in many other drugs over 70 years. Furthermore, in the adjuvants (substances used in the laboratory practice to enhance the immune responses of the organism: injected with the substance to which you want to immunize the body, can act making slower the absorption and therefore more effective antibody production, or they may exert a general stimulus to the immune system) used in pediatric vaccines also appear aluminum and formaldehyde. To simply explain the level of hazard and toxicity of mercury, think that, by transposing an EU directive of 2007, from April 2009 in Italy has prohibited the sale of mercury thermometers.

Let's start from the state laws and the provisions of the public agencies responsible for verifying human health.

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has mandated to remove thimerosal from childhood vaccines since 1999.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. government agency for the protection of the environment and human health) guidelines allow mercury in doses of 0.1 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day. Depending on the weight, a child of three months, receiving 62.5 micrograms of mercury in one day, exceeds EPA guidelines for more than 78 times (*). And, as some researchers have pointed at the IOM (Institute of Medicine) meeting on thimerosal, the EPA safety limits are based on gradual ingestion of mercury caused by intake of fish. But this limit has never been applied to the case where the mercury is taken through direct injection (because there are no studies on the subject), which is able to cross the blood brain barrier (that in infants, and even more in born prematurely, is fragile because the nervous system is not yet fully formed and developed).

* At the end of a full vaccination course we injected into infant up to 187.5 mcg of mercury!

According to Dr. Boyd Haley, head of the chemistry department of the University of Kentucky, and an internationally recognized research on mercury toxicity (toxicity of mercury compounds), no amount of thimerosal is safe, because it is well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adequate renal capacity for several months after birth. The transport bile is the major route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot get it well.

If we take the World Health Organisation guidelines , that with 3.3 micrograms per kilogram are less restrictive, we see as in Italy, for a 5 pounds child, overcome at least twice. It must be said that WHO set a safety margin up to 10 times the threshold, but at the same time admits that an infant whit vaccines received doses of mercury that may be of concern and therefore approves the choice of the U.S. FDA to remove thimerosal from vaccines.

In Italy, no government agency has set limits of any kind. In exchange, the Ministerial Decree of 13 November 2001 has banned mercury from vaccines, coming back in 2003 when, the Minister for Health Sirchia, with the Decree of 27 June 2003, published in the Official Gazette # 153 of 4 July 2003, extended the use of vaccines with mercury in Italy. Today it is not clear whether the current marketed vaccines include: the relative information pamphlets in some cases speak of tracks(?), not specifying the exact amount. In Italy, the Ministerial Decree of 13.11.2001 published on G.U. # 66 of 19.03.2002, required as a precaution, since the issue of neurotoxicity of this preservative remained controversial, all vaccine manufacturers to eliminate thiomersal by December 31 2002 and withdraw from the market vaccines containing thiomersal by June 30 2003, omitting the subsequent decree of 2003 which extended its use.

In any case, the vaccines “theoretically” without mercury available in the past were only those combined (four, five, six vaccines in one injection), if a parent wanted to give his son only mandatory vaccines had no choice, because diphtheria-tetanus did not exist and hepatitis B vaccines without mercury. The Sabin and Salk polio has always been free of thimerosal.

In fact, the vaccine INFANRIX HEXA (GSK) disguised as “free from mercury salts” is still contained mercury in the amount of 10 ppb (parts billion) or 0.01 ppm (parts per million), ie 0.010 mg / liter as confirmed by an independent study by Australian researchers (Austin DW, Shandley KA, Palombo EA) “Mercury in vaccines from the Australian childhood immunization program schedule” (Journal of Toxicology and Environmental health. Part A. 2010; 73 (10) :637-40 ).

Although mercury levels detected are substantially lower than any established safety limit of exposure, the results of this study reveal inaccuracies in public health messages, professional communications, and official documentation regarding the mercury content in this vaccine for children. Furthermore, missing studies related to neurological damage that can be caused in infants of 3 months. It is known that 0.5 ppb of mercury kill cells of human neuroblastoma (Parran et al. Toxicol Sciences 2005; 86: 132-140), 20 ppb of mercury destroy the structure of the membranes of neurites (Leong et al. - Neuroreport Journal 2001; 12: 733-37), 2 ppb mercury is the maximum amount contained in drinking water (available EPA) that could result in kidney damage in the long term.

Reading the information pamphlet of the vaccine, we learn that also contains a combination of aluminum (aluminum phosphate and aluminum hydroxide) to the considerable dose (always referred to the baby) of 820 micrograms (320 +500) per vial. A recent study by neuroscientists Vancouver, CA. Shaw and L. Tomljenovic, continues raising critical questions about the alleged safety of aluminum (present in virtually all vaccines) and demonstrates that the neurotoxic effects are equally harmful, if not worse, than those of mercury.

Aluminum is a proven neurotoxin and is the most commonly used adjuvant in vaccines. Despite the widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science's understanding about their mechanism of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a relative scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds but, despite this, the fanciful notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe is often widely accepted. Independent research, however, show that aluminum adjuvants have the potential to induce severe immunological and neurological disorders in humans. In particular, the aluminum in the form of adjuvant involves a risk of autoimmune reactions, long-term brain inflammation associated with neurological complications with negative consequences, deep and diffuse (see next section).

The possibility that the benefits of the vaccine are overvalued and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, it is not strictly evaluated in the medical and scientific community. Another issue of concern is the lack of any toxicological evaluation on concomitant administration of aluminum with other toxic compounds that are ordinarily recognized constituents of commercial preparations of vaccines. The list is long: formaldehyde, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, phenol, sodium borate, polysorbate 80, glutaraldehyde.

“Bishop et al” have shown that, parenteral exposure to as little as 20 mcg/kg bw of aluminum for > 10 days may result in longterm detrimental outcomes in neurologic development in preterm infants. In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set a limit for aluminum from parenteral sources for individuals with impaired kidney function and premature neonates at no greater than 4 to 5 mcg/kg bw/day, stating that levels above those have been associated with CNS and bone toxicity. In addition, according to the FDA, tissue loading may occur at even lower levels of administration. What the upper limit for “safe” aluminum exposure might be for healthy neonates is not known. And there are no studies on the introduction of aluminum intramuscularly as is the case for vaccines.

In the hexavalent above mentioned, we said that there are 820 micrograms of aluminum. In HBVAXPRO hepatitis B 250 mcg.

Always according to the FDA, the safety limit for a liter of bottled water is 200 mcg.

The aluminum is contained in all vaccines except polio, haemophilus and anti-measles-mumps-rubella.

I report, finally, as mentioned in the May 2002 conference on “Aluminium in vaccines” organized by the National Vaccine Program Office (Ministry of Health USA):“The immunologic advantage conferred by these adjuvants has been well documented, although most of this documentation is found in studies published before 1970. They conclude by saying that: “Toxicology and pharmacokinetics of aluminum adjuvants, specifically the processing of aluminum by infants and children (!), mechanisms by which aluminum adjuvants interact with the immune system, the phenomenon of macrophage myofasciitis (MMF), …”. In practice, everything is still to be studied. This is a constant: are not made prior studies on vaccine safety before they are put on the market, but it is based only on supervision post marketing (that means experienced on our skin).

The defenders of vaccines, interviewed on metals and salts in vaccines, often respond with phrases like: “Even in the tuna we eat, there is mercury”, “aluminum is present everywhere, earth, air, water and we inhale it or ingest it every day. “To understand how devoid of any scientific evidence (and stupid) are those answers, and to understand the difference between oral and intramuscular injection, an American nutritionist explained the following paradox: “When a man takes oxygen from the air by breathing, it works fine for the body, lungs and cardiovascular system. But what happens if the air goes into a vein, that is a different route from physiological point of view: may occur an air embolism, with possible cardiac arrest and subsequent death. ”

The potential damage from vaccine

Vaccine damages include immunological and neurological chronic disorders, such as autism, hyperactivity, lack of attention, dyslexia, allergies, as well as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Its correlation with pediatric vaccines is confirmed from several international studies. SIDS is the leading cause of mortality in the age group from 1 to 12 months of age and is most common between the ages of three and five months.

The US FDA's VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) receives about 11,000 reports of serious adverse reactions to vaccination annually, some 1% of which are deaths from vaccine reactions.

If you feel that most of the people you know with autism are 22 or younger, that's because most people diagnosed with autism were born after 1987. In the Danish, California, and worldwide data sets, we found that an increase in autism disorder cumulative incidence began about (the birth cohort years) 1988-1989,” wrote the authors Michael E. Mc Donald and John F. Paul, of the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory. Before 1988 the level of autism was completely different from the level of the subsequent years. The number of autism cases has tripled after 1988. Source: Dadiv Kirby - Huffington Post, 23 Aprile 2010

About 1 in 88 children aged 8 years (8 is the age of identified peak prevalence ) has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to estimates from CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, published on march 30 2012. The research is conducted every year within 14 ADDM sites in the United States (see map), that doesn’t include the US states with higher rates (California, Minnesota, Maine – see map) , and represent the 8% of population of children aged 8 years. During 2002 and 2008 it means a 78% rate of increase.

During the Green Our Vaccines meeting of june 2008, Jim Carrey (that has an autistic son) said: “How stupid do They think We are? How many causes CDC and so-called experts continue to add? How long? How is it possible to shoot new theories and not consider vaccines? It is so evident that the more you add new vaccines, the more autism cases increase. What must happen before vaccines are finally considered as the cause of autism? We must arrive to consider the autism as part of normality?” For most global world association (except the Italian ones), autism in the USA officially became epidemic. It is a national emergency that requires a national plan. For SAFEMINDS (a non-profit organization founded to restore health and protect future generations by eradicating the devastation of autism and associated health disorders induced by mercury and other man made toxicants) says that the timeline for increases in autism prevalence corresponds closely with the introduction of new vaccines. In particular, the phased introduction of the Hib vaccine in 1985 – 1990 and the universal introduction of the HepB vaccine in 1991 correspond closely with the epidemic increase in autism prevalence.

And SAFEMINDS shows that:

  • Biologically, it is highly plausible that several major components in vaccines could cause autism. The major components of vaccines (aluminum adjuvant, mercury preservative, endotoxins, and viral or bacterial antigens) have been shown in research to be individually capable of causing damage to brain and other organs, and synergistic toxicity of these components has not been sufficiently investigated. Interesting recent research has focused on aluminum, which has been increased in the vaccine schedule since 2001 in parallel with mercury being reduced;
  • a 2007 study indicated that vaccines may have been a contributing causal factor in boys born from 1990-1996 in approximately 68% of autism cases and 81% of ADHD cases. It is important to note that this study also indicates that some unvaccinated boys develop autism and ADHD, suggesting that vaccines are not the only factor in autism and ADHD causality.

In the USA (2009 data) the recommended doses for children aged under 5 years, tripled in 25 years. Until 1989, CDC recommended 11 doses, today 36! After 1990 was added 25 doses. The types of vaccine are 15. In Italy 13. In Italy the statistic data on autism cases are discordant (you have to consider that in Italy autistic people older than 18 years of age, are no longer classified in the autism category but in the “serious mental disorders” category).

Until 1980 in Italy there was 3-5 autistic over 10,000 children aged between 1-3 years. The percentage of children showing psychomotor and communicational disorders from birth, was higher than the ones of children starts disorders after 18-20 months from birth. The first significant change, from statistic-epidemiologic point of view, is placed between 1980-1985, when it was possible to verify two important variations from previously surveys: the doubling of autism cases and the balance of the percentage of those defined as such insurgents, with the so-called regressive autism (but this could be due to a better diagnosis system).

In any case, there are many research in the world showing that thimerosal is harmful for neuronal cells and that those damage are similar to the ones you can find in people affected by autism. Hera are one as example, published in 2009 by one of the leading scientific publisher in the world.

But we can close all the threads since in 2001, for the first time, in the information pamphlet of DTaP vaccine Tripedia produced by Sanofi Aventis appear the following adverse reaction: “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea.”

For complete information, you have to consider that the current DTaP acellular vaccin was introduced just in 80’s years. Before this date there was the cellular one, on which today the science says: “this vaccine is burdened by two sets of problems. First of all, even if in theory is very effective in the majority of cases, his effect in the practice is inconstant and we cannot know a priori his effective. The second problem is represented by frequent adverse reaction. The vaccine include a great number of pertussis antigens; only a little of them can determine immunity, while many other are often cause of side effects. Adverse reaction are classified in four groups:

  • local and generic reaction of minor entity, as reddening and swelling at the site of injection, fever, malaise
  • severe general reactions such as fever > 40,5 ° C, prolonged crying, collapse or hypotonic-hyporesponsive syndrome that appears within 48 hours of vaccination, usually febrile seizure
  • severe neurological complications, seizures usually repeated over time, psycho-motor regression
  • allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock

The question arises is: is not that 10 years the pharmaceutical industry will release a new type of vaccine and will tell us that the current one was not very effective and gave serious contraindications?

I would add that are many the vaccine withdrawn in the past. In particular, the MMR vaccine is by far the vaccine which “boasts” the largest number of products withdrawn from the market: MMR Morupar (the same as Italian agency AIFA had retired in 2006, 14 years after his retirement in Canada), MMR Trivires/Pluserix, MMR Immravax, etc.

The case of italian soldiers suffering from cancer

Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” carried out a survey to explore the question of the 4000 (!) Italian soldiers suffering from cancer, known as the syndrome of the Balkans (as apparently linked to the mission of italian troops in the former Yugoslavia). It was initially blamed on depleted uranium contained in ammunition used during the mission. Now the focus is shifting heavily on vaccines.

Here are links to two investigations of italian newspaper “La Repubblica”: and

In the second survey published November 23, 2012 on the first page of La Repubblica on-line, shall contain the following sentence: “Driven also by critics who accused us (after the first investigation) that we heard only the” fanatics against vaccine” we went to talk in Philadelphia with Professor Antonio Giordano, president of the Sbarro Institute on whose scientific level and impartiality there are no doubt: “There is a recognized link - says the president of the Sbarro Institute - close between vaccines and immune system weaknesses. And Italy is full of places with high levels of pollution highly dangerous for those with compromised immune systems. “To a specific question (“If an Italian soldier ask to You an advice on the fact of having to go through a dozen vaccinations in a month, what would you answer?”), Jordan told us: “I would explain to him that it would be like committing suicide.”

The results of the project Signum, a study on the genotoxic military units commissioned in 2004 by the italian Ministry of Defense to a civilian and military researchers headed by prestigious universities (Pisa, Rome, Genoa), show that subject a person to more than five vaccines means compromising the immune system (infants of 2 months, which have a nervous and immune system certainly not developed as that of adults, take 6 or 7 vaccine in the same day!). In the final report of Signum, delivered January 17, 2011, states that the same subject over vaccinated, exposed to aggressive agents such as dioxin, depleted uranium, major environmental pollution, can easily develop serious illnesses. Not only have so far been ignored many international studies that support the same evidence and which speak to us important scientists who work for other countries: Giulio Tarro gold medal of the President of the Republic, world-renowned infectious disease specialist, or Franco noble of the Center of excellence for the fight against cancer of Siena, who carried out their studies over the military.

This is the article that contains these statements:

Vaccines and multiple sclerosis or demyelinating diseases

In 1996 in France the Hepatitis B vaccination was suspended for the frequent appearance of forms of demyelinating disease with more than 200 cases of multiple sclerosis insurgents in adolescents and pre-adolescents vaccinated against hepatitis B. Shortly after they were published in the journal “New England Journal of Medicine” two studies concluded that there was no causal link between the vaccine and MS. This research, funded and supported by the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccine, studied the effects only in the 2 months following vaccination, and the results were heavily discussed in scientific circles in the following weeks as incorrect and pretentious. In a French study of 1998, also reflected in this document of the then Italian Ministry of Health, based on the same time frame of two months, it was concluded that the odds ratio (the image below explains in a simple way what is it) was 1.4, equivalent to risk (that the vaccine is the cause of MS) level “weak.” A subsequent study of GPRD-General Practitioner Research Database was done either on a time window of 2 months to 12 months. The odds ratio was determined in the first case than 1.4 while in the second (12 months) was of 1.6 (risk level “modest”). The study also revealed that the time interval between onset of symptoms and diagnosis of MS was significantly shorter among the vaccinated than among unvaccinated. The French Ministry of Health has considered the results of the two studies do not allow to exclude with certainty the possibility that vaccination could increase the risk of demyelinating disease among vaccinated. In fact, both studies, as well as the pilot study previously conducted, they have shown an increase in the odds ratio.

Although modest, it is a positive association and not the absence of association. Considering that who does a vaccination it does for a prevention and not to cure, and that, normally, is a healthy person, even a modest level of association with the occurrence of such collateral damages, should make us reflect deeply!

scheme of interpretation of the values ​​of relative risk and odds ratio

The Jurisdiction Section of the Lombardy Court of Auditors the 28/02/1997 has issued a judgment (No. 71-97PM) which recognized a soldier in multiple sclerosis as a result of vaccination suffered. The military had previously obtained a negative opinion by the medical committee appointed to recognize compensation. Then he appealed to the Ministry, who had recognized, however, the correlation between demyelinating disease and vaccination receipt. It is written in the sentence: “The interdependence of service due to infirmity or causal explanation derives from the consideration that it is extremely unlikely its occurrence to the intervention of other causal processes.” Were then applied, as should always be done, the four criteria endorsed also by the ISS (Italian Institute of Health): the correlation time, the medical plausibility, the absence of other known causes and the presence of similar documented cases in the medical literature.

An authoritative study published in Neurology in 2004 (Naismith RT, Cross AH. Neurology. Sep 14 2004, 63 (5) :772-3), one of the most authoritative international journals of neurology, has allowed us to follow the people vaccinated against 'hepatitis B for a sufficiently long time, and to detect a significant increase (3 times) cases of demyelinating disease (multiple sclerosis) between the vaccinated subjects than those who are not. Since even leaflets of the vaccine indicated the possible occurrence of a demyelinating form, it is good that the presence of similar forms in the family is really considered a heavy contraindication to vaccination.

A recent report describes the occurrence of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis after the second immunization with Gardasil (Waldemann et al., 2009 and Sutton et al. 2009) reported on five patients with multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes within 21 days after the second or third vaccination. Gardasil is one of two vaccines against the human papilloma virus distributed in Italy.

The U.S. foundation Judicial Watch, which works to promote ethics, transparency and integrity in government policies and laws, citing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was able to obtain some documents from the FDA, secret and otherwise inaccessible citizens, which showed 26 deaths as a result of HPV vaccination with Gardasil from September 1 2010 and September 15 2011, that in one year!

By the FDA documents, summarized in this pdf (recommend viewing) Judicial Watch, found a number of inaccuracies and superficiality of judgment by both the Merck (the manufacturer of Gardasil) that the FDA, which approved the distribution of vaccine, so that I summarize as follows:

  • Merck has always said that the tests they performed on the safety of the drug were no differences between the group of patients receiving the vaccine and that of patients receiving placebo. Too bad that the placebo used in the test, instead of containing the usual salt solutions used in the placebo contained itself high doses of aluminum (in Gardasil there are 225mcg) oddly approved by the FDA, which also strangely had approved the distribution on the market the vaccine with a very short time (6 months versus 10 months or more) on a par with those of drugs to treat cancer, AIDS, HIV, etc.. So from the tables bearing test results can be seen a percentage of adverse reactions similar in both groups of patients, but also a large number of adverse reactions in both. At one point of the report, there is a table with the only adverse reactions to the injection site (to understand the point where the needle has penetrated) compared with the vaccine, the aluminum placebo and placebo saline , which shows that the latter with placebo there were significantly lower rates of reactions (eg swelling to 25.4% - 15.8% - 7.3%). In this regard, the National Vaccine Information Center says that “a placebo reactive (Ed containing elements that may cause reactions, eg. Aluminum) can artificially modify the test results of the safety assessment of a drug.” In essence always depends on how the data is presented: saying that there were no differences on the safety have not lied, but failed to tell the real truth, or that there had been a significant number of adverse reactions.
  • Merck says that have not been done test to see if the vaccine can in turn be carcinogenic or genotoxic. Expressly says that “this type of study is not feasible because it would be too time and this would be a disadvantage for many women” (Ed “?”). Since the vaccine works by inducing spontaneous reactions and changes in the cells, it would be well to thoroughly investigate these two aspects.
  • Merck says the vaccine is not effective on women who have already papilloma virus and the vaccine in these cases may cause adverse effects to a certain extent, but the FDA does not require or recommend a preventive screening designed to determine whether the papilloma virus is already present.
  • Merck says that studies have been done on the safety of the vaccine in pregnant women, but the FDA does not say anything in this regard.
  • Merck says that have not been done tests to verify that there are no cross-reactions with other vaccines for adolescents and adults

On April 2014, Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, who worked with Merck, has come forth with shocking inside information that confirms what JW has exposed about Gardasil in its investigation.

I would say that it is a more than sufficient number of reasons to doubt the safety of Gardasil. Not to mention the lack of efficacy and its uselessness seen as already specified in the chapter where it explains what the human papilloma virus, its development time and method of diagnosis.

About vaccine safety

When I read this news on one of the many Italian sites that talk about vaccines, I thought it was science fiction. Then I started to search the web, until I found confirmation in the U.S. CDC website, where you can find published the following report (dated 2007) under the title Cancer, Simian Virus SV40 and polio vaccine Fact Sheet:

  • V40 is a virus found in some species of monkeys.
  • SV40 was discovered in 1960. Shortly after, the virus was found in the polio vaccine.
  • More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine between 1955 and 1963, when a part of the vaccine was contaminated with SV40. It 'has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans may have received a dose of vaccine contaminated with SV40.
  • SV40 virus has been found in some types of cancer in humans, but has not been determined to cause tumors.
  • Most of the evidence suggests that SV40-contaminated vaccine did not cause cancer, but the results of some studies are conflicting and therefore further studies are needed.
  • The polio vaccines in use today do not contain SV40. All current data indicate that polio vaccines since 1963 are free of SV40.
  • In 1950, for the production of the vaccine have been used monkey kidney cells (editor's note: polio vaccine virus is grown in culture media consisting of monkey kidney cells) infected with the virus. Since the SV40 was not discovered until 1960, nobody knew in 1950 that the polio vaccine was contaminated
  • SV40 was found in the injected form of the polio vaccine (IPV), not in kind orally administered OPV (editor's note: but there are studies that say otherwise).
  • Not all doses of the polio vaccine had been contaminated. It has been estimated that 10-30 million people actually received a vaccine containing SV40.
  • Some evidence suggests that reception of the polio vaccine contaminated by SV40 may increase the risk of cancer. However, most of the studies conducted in the United States and Europe that compare people who received polio vaccine contaminated with SV40 with those who have not received it, did not show any causal relationship between the vaccine and contaminated cancer (editor's note: unfortunately this kind of explanation seems to be a constant).

In March 1992, the famous British medical journal The Lancet published an article by Walter Kyle showing evidence that AIDS was discovered after the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) has entered the human body through precisely the polio vaccine contaminated with infected tissues of monkey. In April 1996, the bulletin of the NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) reports that California microbiologist Howard Urnovitz had produced evidence that the AIDS virus type 1 virus is a hybrid ape-man created after that 320,000 Africans had received over the years 50’s an experimental polio vaccine contaminated with SIV.

“The SV40 would perform its action through integration into the DNA of mesothelial cells, but its mechanism of episomal type. Experimental studies have shown that the intrapleural injection of SV40 is able to induce a malignant pleural mesothelioma (Editor's note: a form of cancer) in 100% of experimental animals (source: Second University of Naples Thoracic Surgery). ”

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