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Vaccini pediatrici, utili o dannosi?


Who we are

We are a couple of parents who decided to contribute with this site to properly inform other parents who are going to vaccinate their children. The idea is to concentrate in one place the essential information relating to pediatric vaccines that would otherwise be scattered in many different sources. Initially we thought of a simple page on Facebook to share it with our friends. But since the matter is very wide and, as we write later, tends to infinity, we seemed smarter to create a public site, open to all parents or future such, and made with a WIKI tool like this (Docuwiki), which would allow anyone who cares about this issue, to bring their own specific contribution. We have only one rule: those who want to participate in the integration of texts must do a request by e-mail (see “contact us” at the bottom of this page), which will be followed promptly by the dispatch of UserID and Password. Having no profit, but being only a gesture of genuine altruism, of course your data will not be used for any commercial purposes, but only as a guarantee that your intervention is serious (please list only verified and verifiable data, for example quoting the relative sources, and not personal opinions, because this is not intended as a forum or a social media such as Facebook for exchanging mere personal impressions and opinions) and especially not hide other objectives. In this regard will be taken all reasonable steps to prevent unethical actions not in line with the informational objectives of this site.

A brief history of our experience

Had it not been for a couple of our friends (Cinzia and Roberto, who we thank) me and my wife we would not have the slightest doubt about pediatric vaccines (in fact the information on vaccines by both the medical world that traditional media is almost nothing, and only after the recent sensational judgments, Italian newspapers and TV have started talking about it). What I can say is that we initially listened with great skepticism (and frankly even some fear) as argued by our friends, who had chosen not to vaccinate their children. It was the curiosity to push us to better inform about vaccines (through internet, books and conferences on the subject). And the more we informed, the more we convince of the potential risks of vaccinations. The final push has given to us by a prospectus which if you sign consented to vaccination and, at the same time, eliminates any liability by the Local Health Unit in case of damage and/or adverse reactions! We read a second time because we did not want to believe it: we are not doctors, do not know the matter, so how can we take responsibility for something of which we are incompetent? And, on the contrary, why who is competent don’t want to take any responsibility? It 's like saying “trust You that I do not trust at all.” An absolute nonsense. Once we have documented and communicated to the LHU our “ our informed refusal”, we were invited to a meeting with the Head of Paediatrics Community of the LHU, with the aim to dispel our doubts. But in reality there has made other doubts, derived either from the reading of the scientific literature and information pamphlet that has given us, and is incomprehensible by the vehemence with which he faced (as if it were a personal matter), even though I and my wife kept a very calm attitude, aiming to avoid giving excuses of any kind to the LHU on our parental behavior. Speaking of doubts that we had placed in the appropriate communication to the LHU on the presence of mercury in vaccines and its potential toxicity, the manager said: “even in the tuna we eat there is a significant amount of mercury.” But that answer is! Do you think that we give tuna to our baby? Indeed, precisely because we are aware of this, before a certain age we certainly does not give tuna to him. And besides, fortunately, at least in this case there is no law that forces us to feed him tuna from the second month of life! Anyway, one thing is gradual ingestion of mercury caused by intake of fish, one thing is the direct injection of mercury, as specified in the chapter “damages caused by vaccines”.

In any case, we said that we were not opposed in absolute terms: for example at least you could move vaccination to an age where the child has already developed a more robust nervous system (now you do after 2 months), to limit administration to those really useful in the present state of the spread of diseases infectious to which it relates, inform in a complete and transparent way about the potential damage, subjects the child to preventive allergy testing measures to limit dangerous adverse reactions (from this point of view, common sense says that if a child were to have some form of allergy, is very difficult for parents notice it within the first 2 months of life’s child; to make an example concerning us, though not strictly relevant to pediatric vaccines, we realized the sixth month of life our son that is allergic to atropine, the drops are instilled in the eye before an eye examination), and above all to make medical and scientific research aimed at establishing whether or not the possible toxicity in infants of different vaccines components. I should add that, strangely, there is not even an international standard with respect to the timing of administration of pediatric vaccines, and that these time intervals even change over the years also in the same nation (eg. Hepatitis B in the United States has been moved from birth, as was done initially, at six months of age and then after the second month; and there is no harmony at medical/scientific advice on what their coverage over time (5 years? 10?).

We invite all who read this site not to take at face value what We have written, and see for yourself (internet is a powerful tool.. if you have the patience to look, you will find almost everything) and possibly to refute. If you prefer traditional instruments, You have to know that there are several books, that, through a medical-scientific approach, explained in great detail everything about pediatric vaccines: from what are vaccines as potential damage, to concepts of immunology, history immunization in the world, law and regulations, compensation for damage, etc.

Contact us

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